Our Press

The printing section comprises of various machines of different configuration to accommodate a variety of printing requirements. Sarawat state-of-the-art printing machines from Heidelberg can print up to colors printing plus online coating in a single pass. Sheets up to a maximum size of 28.5’’ x 40’’ (724mm x 1016mm) can be printed.

Machine Max. Size Colours Features
Heidelberg CD 102 28.5" x 40" 5 color + coater -
Heidelberg CD 102 20" x 28.3" 4color + coater -
Heidelberg’s Speed master 20" x 28.3" 2 color + coater -
Heidelberg’s SOrsz 20" x 28.3" 2 color + coater -
sorm 20" x 28.3" 2 color + coater -

Computerized Control of Registration, Inking and Dampening
Automatic Plate Changing
CIP3 CIP4 ink-key data input

We have a highly automated finishing department which offers a range of coatings for your jobs, apart from services like folding, binding, punching, boiling etc.

Machine Make
Lamination Machine 01 Gloss and matte finish laminate films available
Spot UV Coating Machine Sakurai (Japan) - 2 nos. Gloss, Matte, raised and Textured finishes available
Machine Make
Folding machines 4 nos. Folding machines with upto 6 parallel and 3 cross folding capabilities
1. 4 station & 7-station gatherers with pinning and three-knife trimming
Section-sewing 1

Auto-feed section-sewing machine

Section-sewing 1 Manual-feed section-sewing machine
Perfect Binder 1 24-clamp auto perfect binding machine
Hardcase Making

Auto Hardcase making machine
Hardcase Casing-in Machine 1 Auto casing-in machine with rounding, headband pasting and hinge-setting
Spiral Binding 2 Multiple punchers and sealers
Fuse-binding 1 Eco-friendly binding with adhesive fusing of paper to form hanger
Other Equipment 
Machine Make
Cutting Machines Programmable 2 nos. Polar (German)–2 nos. Fully Programmable Cutting machines with Air Tables and Joggers
Sheet Collators 2 auto-collators for collating sheets in sequence
Shrink & Stretch wrap machines